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The First Conversation You Should Even THINK About Having with a New Hire or a Hire Needing a Reboot

Updated: May 24, 2021

Opening Conversation

(with a new hire or with someone on your team who needs to hit the “reset button”)

1- Welcome. It is terrific to have you join (on) our team. My job as your supervisor is to help you maximize your success. If I ever do or say anything that you feel contradicts this, please let me know.

2- Your job is crucial to the success of this organization, let me explain why.

3- Let’s go over your job description.

4- In addition, my expectations include that you are aware of these potential benefits you can bring to our company. The more benefits you bring the more valuable you become. (See benefits sheet.)

5- This is how I define success for you. At this organization we are players (responsible and accountable) not victims. We do what we have agreed to do, within the timeframe allotted.

6- This is how I will measure success.

7- Let’s determine what decisions you make, which I make, and most important, which you are responsible for with my guidance before you start the project. ( This is part of your development program.) Any time you feel you can handle the project, issue/challenge on your own, please let me know and we can discuss your taking it on by yourself.

8- Let’s talk about our communication process and factor in a sense of urgency. Clear and simple. Asking questions is a very productive form of communication.

9- Please share with me what motivates you to come to work each day.

10- Please tell me how you would like to be rewarded for your outstanding performance.

11- Part of our culture is a major commitment to employee development to enhance competencies through a comprehensive training program. To further enhance these skills, I will continue to coach you as part of my responsibility to help you maximize your success. In addition, we have White Ridgely, an employee coaching firm, to assist us to do our best and enhance our skills.

12- Do you want this job as outlined in the last few minutes and do you think you can be successful? Please tell me more.

13- Please remember, as your supervisor, I am always interested in what I can do more of to help you be successful.

14- Great. Let’s have fun and make this organization a huge success.

*** The most important and critical aspect of a manager’s job (where time is most wisely spent) is catching reports doing things well and recognizing their success. (Praise must be specific, sincere, timely, and normally in private.)

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