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Charles R. White, M.A., M.S.

CEO, White Ridgely Associates


Charles R. White, M.A., M.S. is an executive leadership coach with unique experience in partnering with Presidents and CEOs to maximize the profitability and success of both large and small organizations. Over the last 15 years he has worked effectively with 100+ executives to build cultures of integrity where employees at all levels do what they say they will do and take responsibility for achieving agreed-to results. He works with executives to inspire others to create a better tomorrow and take ownership over corporate success. 


Charles is the author of the book Fire Proof, a practical and insightful book on career management and job success. Also, he is co-author of the book Getting To 'Great Idea!', dealing with a new approach to decision-making, a challenge in many organizations. He works with a wide range of organizations, from large international corporations (Black & Decker) to mid-sized not-for-profits (Children's Friend & Service, a 175 year old service organization) to entrepreneurial start-ups.


Charles holds the degrees of Master of Arts in Human Resources from the College of Notre Dame and Master of Science in Applied Behavioral Counseling from The Johns Hopkins University. He is past President of the Maryland Career Development Association and has been recognized as the National Career Development Association's "Outstanding Career Practitioner".


Before founding White Ridgely Associates, Charles was an investment advisor with Merrill Lynch for 10 years and with the United States Air Force in Europe for five years.



Daisy Nelson White, Ph.D.

President, White Ridgely Associates


Daisy Nelson White, Ph.D. is an Executive Coach to senior leaders in both the for-profit and not-for-profit arenas. She has particular expertise in developing executives' capacity to achieve results with total integrity, and to manage the diverse demands and expectations of diverse constituent groups.


Dr. White has a unique combination of experience and education. She is an entrepreneur and senior executive with more than 40 years of successful experience in the corporate world (both for-profit and not-for-profit), has extensive training and experience in group and family  dynamics, and holds a Master's degree in Art Therapy and Creativity Development from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, and a Ph.D. in Transformative Leaning and Change from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA. She is co-author of the e-book Getting To 'Great Idea!'

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